Digital Problems of Today’s World

My parents want to cut off the wifi.

And that’s not because we aren’t using it.

It’s because we’re using it too much.

That’s right.  Ever since I’ve started this blog I’ve been spending hours and hours a day on the internet.  I connect with people on Facebook for blog and talk show ideas.  I recently used twitter to connect with somebody in another country that I have never met offline.  All cool stuff.  But…

… there’s a big problem if we let the internet distract from the things we don’t need the internet for.

Like talking to family members in the house.  Like doing chores.  Like eating meals together.  All these great things.

And my parents feel that we haven’t been doing enough of that.

So yesterday I planned with them about my schedule and we made some changes.

Hopefully, things will work out.

We’ll see.

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